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Each contribution to the night makes it precious with the inner voice of personal truth exposed. Sharing a piece of themselves, its an honor to just be present in the moment!


Inspired by a poem Fire and Rain, read by Linda Owen at a previous poetry night, we chose this as the theme for the evening. Inspired by singer/songwriter James Taylor, it made for a great theme!


Poets write to the theme as inspired and bring many other poems delving into many topics. 


Painting Love Stinks, acrylic, the first of the Volcano Girls Series by Cliff Speaks pictured with Randy and Linda Owen

Join us for the next poetry night, enjoy a glass of wine and fellowship!


Pictured Mississippi Poetry Society Member Bill Gressett


In March, poets Pete Massey, Bill Gressett, Sheri Lewis, Little Stone, Brent Hearn, Linda Owen, Kanika Welch, McKennley Wilson, poet/playwright John Maxwell, and singer/songwriter Avery Joyce took the stage for an amazing night of poetry and song!


Pictured, Little Stone shared poems with and without the guitar!

Poet playwright John Maxwell shares multiple pieces in free verse. So excited to have him share his talent with us.  

Kanika Welch has an amazing stage presence! Her romantic poem and poem about a last African tribesman struck a chord with us all. 

Brent Hearn never disappoints with poems so creative and witty! 

We were so inspired by singer/songwriter Avery Joyce we invited her to perform at the gallery's Pacesetter on the Porch March 11th from 1-3 PM, perfect for anyone that wants to get out and see the preview of the Mississippi Artists Guild Show before the opening at 6:00 PM. 


You won't want to miss this!

Join us April 6th 6-8 PM for Pacesetter Open Mic Poetry Night, come to recite your own or a favorite poem by your favorite poet, or just come to listen!