Paul Smith

Cut It with a Knife (1/25), 2022
40 x 60 in
I had wanted a picture of this bridge in fog since I was 10 years old. I was always “there. One morning I woke up and there was dense fog on the Vicksburg River cam so I headed to the bridge. I didn’t want something high up, when you shoot up high you loose the scale. I stood on the top of my Jeep to take this shot. The fog is so thick you can’t see the barge that was going down the river. I don’t shoot F1 or F11, our eyes see in F24, so when you shoot at that aperture it changes what you see and blurs out the trees. I like to choose where I direct the viewer’s eye by using that aperture. I love the way the flag sits still on the top of the bridge. Prints 1-3 includes framing but shipping not included, contact the gallery for shipping options. Prints 2+ are print on demand lead time around 6 weeks. Prints 4+ unframed tube shipping tube and shipping insurance included.

Paul Smith

Paul Smith bought his first camera in 1978 at the local Service Merchandise and has been in love with photography since. "It's not about photography, it's about capturing your vision, showing others the world through your eyes. A person's photography style is ever-changing based on what they see, feel and hear at a given point in time."


Smith, a Clinton, MS native now residing in Brandon, MS, captures potent images as he travels through Mississippi and the South. His first photography book, "The Color of Mississippi" (Nautilus Publishing, 2012) captured the beauty of our breathtaking state. His second book is scheduled for release in 2023, "Sweet Seasons", combines his love of baking southern desserts with photography.


"I was just a "home event" photographer until 2009 when my wife asked me to take a photograph of a yellow tulip she admired at Jackson's well-manicured Highland Village in 2009. Capturing the beauty of that small delicate flower on an overcast day inspired me to pursue photography as a profession.  Since then, I've made the yearly spring tulip bloom at Highland Village, a must visit on my photography schedule." states the artist. Smith's work can be found throughout the state in residential, government and commercial spaces. His work is included in many permanent collections of fine art in Mississippi.


2014 George Ohr Museum Exhibition


EE Bass Museum (Permanent Collection)


Museum of the Mississippi Delta


Mississippi Governor's Mansion (Permanent Collection)


Meridian Museum of Art 48th Annual Bi-State Art Finalist



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