Alice Hammell

White and Copper Encaustic 1, 2021
48.50 x 48.50 x 2.50 in
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This white encaustic piece includes copper elements in many forms. The textures and surface of the harden white wax with the metal highlights the beauty of encaustic.

Alice Hammell

Alice Hammell's art is a form of expressionism, sometimes abstract expressionism. In her work she seeks pure visual satisfaction, no more. She strives to put serenity and simplicity in my pictures. Color, texture, and simple shapes are used to create harmony in the painting. Often she uses symbols to speak to the viewer. "I believe that all living things have a connection, not just in the time of their life, but in a linear fashion. My art is a means of intimate expression and I hope that all of the images, and even all of the symbols which I use will reflect my love for a certain feeling. I hope that my paintings will evoke that feeling by simply being around. I want to stay enchanted with nature and the world. I find that knowledge and science are inadequate in keeping that enchantment alive." states the artist. 

Alice Hammell lives in Taylor, MS where she enjoys creating and collecting art with her husband, potter Obie Clark.  

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