Zoe Ishee

Understanding, 2024
mixed media
9.50 x 7.50 in

I crafted this piece using watercolor and micron ink on Bristol paper. It portrays a scene that merges elements of a surreal reality with my poetry, offering a reflection of the unique experience of growing up and navigating life in my current age. I enjoy utilizing vibrant colors that blend together, inviting viewers into a peculiar world. 

Zoe Ishee

Zoe Ishee has had a connection to art and creating all her entire life. She began by drawing, painting, and eventually experimenting with dozens of mediums. Zoe found her niche when she began painting and drawing on unique wood pieces and creating large scale art and stickers. Her style is unique, intriguing, and psychedelic, using art to explore several facets of life through a distorted and playful lens. The artist enjoys making art that challenges natural life, the human experience, and the human mind to appear playful and exaggerated. The artist states, "The main focus of my art is to have fun, explore creativity, question reality and explore ways in which the average world may be exciting to observe." 


The artist is currently studying psychology, cognitive science and neuroscience at Mississippi State University. She works with electroencephalography as a Research Assistant as well a founded the Neuroscience Club at MSU in 2022. 

Zoe's artwork has was chosen as one of the poster graphics for the 1st Annual MDAH Mississippi Maker's Fest and her designs are successful commercially. Zoe is currently attending Mississippi State and continues to create amazing drawings, wearables, and paintings. 


In 2023 Ishee was awarded the MacGowen Art Residence, one of two paid art residencies in Mississippi. Her work has been displayed at Random Sample in Nashville, TN, and The Art of Dance and Movement Exhibition, Starkville Area Arts Council, 2023. She has created T-shirts in collaboration with Scooter's Records in Starkville, MS and featured in "Southern Exposure" by tlybArt Mag. 


She has won Best in Show at Chimneyville Arts and Crafts Festival has led youth in camps and adults in painting classes at Pacesetter Gallery. 

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