Rowan Bird

Temples, 2024
18 x 24 x 1 in

Temples is an oil painted inspired by a view from the southern rim of the Grand Canyon. I sought to capture a sense of atmosphere and of scale. I strove to invoke the feeling of the sublime. 

Rowan Bird

Rowan Bird is a multi-disciplinary artist in Jackson, MS. Rowan builds stained-glass windows for Pearl River Glass Studio by trade. The rest of his time, he spends in his painting studio, creating landscapes and figures with oil paint. 


His latest works include a canyon series of the American West created with oils on canvas. Bird has received Gold and Silver Keys in scholastic awards at the Mississippi Museum of Art, 3 Purchase Awards from University of North Georgia and a Sponsorship and Residency with Level Creek Art Foundation. He enjoys painting en plein air and he is also a courtroom artist. 

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