Wade Stephenson

Scarborough Slough, 2023
36 x 26 in
This series came about from a trip down the Strong River I made with a friend. We traveled by pirogue, which is a handmade fiberglass boat that is made in Stonewall Louisiana. I wanted to make sure as I found locations I wanted to sketched and painted, I would have a stable boat. We put in at D'Lo, MS and worked our way down the Strong River. I took pictures, sketched, and painted plein air paintings all the way down at locations you just can't see any other way. Each of these pieces highlights a beautiful location that inspired me to paint as we took our time and wandered down the Strong River. This piece was not far from my friend's place where we put in to the river, I loved the dark, shaded cypress swamp area that just appeared as we went down the river. The white egrets stand out in the depth of the dark shade.

Wade Stephenson

Wade Stephenson is an artist from Mendenhall, MS.  He is an avid been a watercolorist and potter and continues to hone his skills.  Each piece of his pottery is thrown on the wheel and is a unique piece, not from a mold.  If you like a piece of pottery you better get it now because he is constantly being inspired to create something different, which takes him down new pathways and sometimes not to return again to the old. Recently, he won 1st place at the Pacesetter Gallery 1st Annual Plein Air Competition, taking the cash prize for his Front Porch at West 40rty watercolor.  He enjoys plein air painting and being out in nature. 

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