Jonathan Blake Sauls

Pie Swamp, 2022
12 x 16 in
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Pie Swamp was created with a combination of ink and colored pencil with heavy digital editing. It is meant to be a continuation of the world in the Candy Forest picture, this time with pie slice-themed alligators lurking in the Pie Swamp. This is a reproduction of my drawing and digital artwork.

Jonathan Blake Sauls

Inspired by the creative power of art,  Jonathan Blake Sauls draws strange and fun ideas that would otherwise be impossible. He is especially compelled to created wondrous fantasy worlds to get lost in and escape the mundanity of reality. This core appeal has not changed at all since childhood and only continues to become more fascinating. His preferred mediums are ink drawings filled in with vibrant colored pencil and occasional digital editing. The style is meant to have a cartoonish charm to capture that feeling of childlike wonder that still can be found within everyone. Sauls currently resides in Diamondhead, MS. 

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