Callie Waite

Peace of Sunrises, 2021
7 x 5 in
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Callie Waite

Callie Waite is a watercolorist highly inspired by color. Abstracting views of nature is her way to pull more color into the world. Her love of art comes from the joy of creating and the sense of being able to communicate with complexity without relying on words. Art is a highly spiritual part of Callie's life. She finds a disengagement from the world around her when she creates. This disengagement allows her to create something that lifts other up and she attributes that to her Lord on High.


Callie began her deep devotion to watercolor while attending New Orleans Fine Arts Academy. She continues to study with reknown artists throughout the U.S. and abroad which keeps her motivated to evolve and grow. She currently resides in her hometown of Meridian, MS, with her beloved husband Tanner, and two dogs, Nola and Lou.  

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