Kathy Ward

Evening Glow, 2022
10 x 8 in
Capturing the warmth of a setting sun.

Kathy Ward

Kathy Ward is a Mississippi native painter. She graduated from the University of Mississippi with a BA Degree in Interior Design and a deep love for visual art. For the last 12 years, Kathy has studied formal oil painting under Bob Tompkins, who teaches in the Old Masters Baroque style. A forever student, Kathy has attended many workshops throughout the U.S., always working to improve her technical skills while developing her own personal style. Kathy's oil paintings are rich in texture through her use of palette knife and purposeful brush strokes. She paints to evoke a memory from the viewer. Using a tonal approach to her landscapes, she adds color in a way that moves the viewer backwards through time to days gone by. It is this vision of the past, paired with layering of paint and attention to light and shadow that allows Kathy to create such a memorable feel to her work. Kathy states, "Art is forever changing, there is always something new to express, and with that, a new story to be told." Kathy is a member of the Mississippi Oil Painters Association and the Mississippi Artists' Guild. 

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