Joanna Prince

Bird Feather Basket, 2022
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Joanna Prince

As a child, the outdoors was my playground and nature was my inspiration. I could see things in the woods, grass, and sky. I used art to make nature come alive. 

Most of my early work was acrylic on barn wood, driftwood, and rocks.  Then,I met a female artist from Chesapeake Bay, Virginia, who makes Longleaf Pine needle baskets. I tested my skill and learned how to create them. Through my travels with my husband in our fifth wheel RV, I have collected coral and shells from the Florida Keys, pinecones and cactus skeletons from Arizona, bare grass from Montana, marsh grass from Virginia, rocks from Alaskan glaciers, and stones from hiking in the Grand Canyon, which I incorporate into my baskets. Each of my pieces are one of a kind, using natural elements to reveal the art within nature. 

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